All you need is metal!
All you need is metal!
Extruder and -screws
for 3D-printing
extraordinary materials.

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Metexon Viper

Metexon Viper


  • Our flagship for printing with MIM-Pellets
  • Optimized to print 24/7
  • Option to change the material during printing
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    FabMX v1FabMX v1

    FabMX v1


  • designed to print pelletized MIM-material
  • light-weight to use on a 3D printer
  • based on the extruder screw MIMEx v1
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    Additionally to our products we offer the following services:

    Extruder Design and Production

    You need for your use case a special, compact extruder? With our knowhow we can help you to find the right solution or adapt one of our existing extruder designs to your need.

    Screw Design and Production

    With our custom CAM-software we are able to create any user-defined screw geometry and manufacture them with our CNC machines.

    Special Machine Manufacturing

    You need a fitting 3D-Printer together with the extruder? With our years of experience in special machine manufacturing and process engineering we can help you also with that in a competent manner.

    The experts in building compact extruders.

    See for yourself!

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    Das Team

    Stefanie Brandl - Business Development & Finanzen
    Andreas Kahler - Strategie
    Tobias Gutmann - Entwicklung
    Tobias Gutmann - Social Media
    Andreas Kahler - Strategie
    Andreas Kahler - Strategie
    Uli Köhler - Elektronik & Software
    Stephan Hafenstein - IP
    Rainer Szalata - Entwicklung
    Rainer Szalata - Entwicklung


    Call or write us:

    East of Munich, Germany

    Telefon: +49 1721870721

    Email: info@rainer-szalata.de

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    Telefon: +49 1721870721

    Email: info@rainer-szalata.de